Life Coaching

  • What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is based on a mutual relationship between myself the coach, and you the coachee (client).  As your coach I will support and help you work towards realistic but personal goals in your life, and these goals can be personal or professional, its entirely up to you.  My role is to help bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be in the near- or longer-term future. 

My coaching style is to use positive psychological techniques and skilled timely questioning to bring about thought-provoking feelings in you, and then support you to act, in order to help you attain your goals.  As a coach I will hold you to account for the goals you set, the actions you take and the milestones you achieve along the way.

I believe that coaching is a person-centred activity, and evolves around you and the goals that are very personal to you, you will find my coaching to be very non-judgmental, always sympathetic and supportive at all times.  Coaching is not isolated to one area, I take a holistic overall approach which means our sessions encompass the mind, body and soul, therefore the questioning should take this into account during sessions in order to maximise the progress made and the time we spend together. 

As your coach I want to bring about positive change within you and your life, by focusing on your personal qualities and resources during each session, this will lead to the desired personal and professional growth within you.  When setting goals, you should not feel limited in the types of goals that you want to achieve, you should not feel that goals are to extreme or unachievable.  I will help you to challenge your limiting beliefs and enable you to live the most authentic life you have always aspired to and dreamed of.

  • Health

Do you have physical or mental health issues and worries, and know that you need to act in order to become a healthier version of yourself? Do you feel that you are worried about your life span and how long you may have with loved one? I can help you identify what is holding you back, what fears you have and how you can overcome these in order to live a more full, healthy and rewarding life.


  • Relationships

Do you find yourself stuck in a negative loop with relationships in or out of work? Making the same mistakes and having the same regrets? If so, I can help you identify these issues and set personal goals to work towards, enabling you to find and enjoy healthy, fulfilling and satisfying relationships with others that you deserve.


  • Fulfilment & Purpose

Does the life you lead now align with your vision, values and dreams that you had or have? Maybe on paper you are “successful” and have it all, but you feel unfilled or you have lost your purpose? Together through coaching we can work out what is going on, set goals and work towards these so that you can reach a point where you do feel fulfilled and purposeful in life.


  • Career & Work

Are you bored at work and trapped in a cycle of knowing this, but can’t get out and move forward? Maybe your trapped by your own success and salary but feel uncreative and procrastinate to much? Let’s talk, I can help you look at the situation from an objective point of view, set goals around your career and work and move towards the achievement of this so that you are a happier more productive person in work and in life


  • Stress and Anxiety

Do you find yourself worrying about big and small things to much? Overthinking things, speculating on bad things happening before an event has taken place? Maybe you have self-limiting beliefs holding you back, which no longer serve you.  If so Life coaching with me will identify these issues, and put things into perspective.  We can talk, find out what’s going, set goals and move towards these so you can break free from these negative habits, let these anxieties go and live the life you truly want.


  • Low Self-Esteem

Do you doubt yourself? Compare yourself to others? You don’t need to live this way, there is a happier way to live, we can talk and overcome this together by looking back, looking at now, and then looking to a brighter future.  Life coaching with me can enable you to feel compassionate to yourself, learn to love yourself and feel confidant and happier.


  • Leadership

Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome where you don’t feel good enough? Or that you will be “found out”? these are limiting beliefs, they are not true and are holding you back in work and in life – working with me will prove that.  Life coaching can enable you to feel assured, confident and motivated going forward in the workplace to get the promotion you want, lead authentically and with conviction.


  • Weight Loss

Have you tried every diet going? Failed and re-started, regained the weight and felt bad about yourself over and over again? Try life coaching instead, if you have not tried this yet then working on the mind alongside the body can help you discover what is really holding you back, give you the insight you need to understand what is really going on, become more self-loving and compassionate and help you set realistic attainable goals moving forward so that you can achieve your weight loss goals.


  • Procrastination

Got work to do, and keep putting it off? What are you afraid of? Talk to me, I can help you find out and deal with this so that you can be the most productive version of yourself in and out of the workplace.  Procrastination is a consequence of a bigger issue or fear, we can discover what it is and eliminate it! You can feel empowered to achieve goals in life and work without worry and anxiety anymore.